Douglas Laman

University Of Texas At Dallas
Movies, TV, Box Office
  • Douglas Laman is a features writer for Looper.
  • Douglas Laman has written for websites that include FilmDaze, Collider, ScreenRant, Comic Book Resources, The Mary Sue, Offcultured, and The Spool.
  • Douglas Laman is also a Rotten Tomatoes-approved film critic.


Douglas Laman's first word was "Disney", which essentially doomed Douglas to being a lifelong fan of movies. Having had film-related pieces published in outlets ranging from FilmDaze to The Spool to Collider, Douglas Laman has been writing about all kinds of film and television for Looper since August 2020. Areas Doug is particularly skilled at writing about for Looper include box office facts, superhero films and classic cinema. Douglas Laman also works as an independent filmmaker on short films like The Rainbow Door and has written plays such as The One and Only Rita Rebo. Residing both on the autism spectrum and in Texas, Doug is currently pursuing a Master's Degree at the University of Texas at Dallas.


Having scored an Associate of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts, not to mention currently pursuing a Master of Arts, Douglas Laman has extensive experience in classes related to film that has led this writer to garner a greater understanding of this artform.
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