Giancarlo Riccobon

Pittsburgh, PA
PA Virtual Charter School
Movies, TV, Comics, Animation
  • Giancarlo is a Features Writer for Static Media and a blog contributor for Polyphony Lit.
  • His review of the debut novel David Mogo: Godhunter can be found on the F(r)iction Log, the official blog of F(r)iction.
  • He also launched the “Yeah, You Heard Me” column on Polyphony’s Lit’s Voices Blog.


Giancarlo has spent years writing editorial and promotional content for publications. He has written blog posts for the F(r)iction Log, including a series of blurbs for little-known animated films. For Polyphony Lit’s Voices blog, Giancarlo created the column “Yeah, You Heard Me,” which offers unexpected and sometimes counterintuitive tips on the craft of writing. He also serves as a Teaching Assistant for Polyphony Lit, writing personalized feedback for every student that completes the How To Be a Literary Editor course.


Giancarlo graduated from Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School and was awarded the English Department Award of Excellence. As part of his studies, he has taken specialized courses such as Web Design and AP English Language and Composition.
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