Michael John Petty

Photo of Michael John Petty
Los Angeles, California
Montana State University
DC Comics, Supernatural, Westerns
  • Michael has interviewed comic book writers and television producers including Marc Guggenheim, Giancarlo Volpe, Bryan Q. Miller, and Jeremy Adams.
  • He is a frequent guest on podcasts covering "Supernatural," "The X-Files," and "Millennium." He also hosts No Fate: A Terminator Podcast, covering the "Terminator" franchise extensively.
  • His neo-Western screenplay and teleplay, "Bright Morning Star" and "Holy Man" respectively, hold over a dozen accolades, including placements in the Austin Film Festival. His senior thesis, "The Territory's Best," won "Best Western Short" at the Olympus Film Festival in 2019.


Michael has been covering entertainment since long before everyone had a podcast. Having started with Across the Airwaves Productions in 2010, he reviewed a variety of television shows and feature films in the sci-fi/fantasy, horror, and western genres. Though the podcast network dissolved in 2017, he continued to write and podcast about the entertainment industry. In 2012, he started as a Staff Writer for the Superman Homepage, where he'd remain for nearly a decade. Along with writing about his favorite stories, he also writes stories of his own, including screenplays, teleplays, and an upcoming short story called "The Beast of Bear-tooth Mountain." Michael's written work on the entertainment industry has also appeared on Superhero Movies News, Next Luxury, Collider, and now Looper.


Michael has a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Photography from Montana State University, specializing in film production and screenwriting.
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