Michael John Petty

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North Idaho
Montana State University
DC Comics, The Lord Of The Rings, Westerns
  • Michael is an avid podcaster and current host of "No Fate: A Terminator Podcast," he has interviewed entertainment professionals such as Marc Guggenheim, Giancarlo Volpe, Bryan Q. Miller, Dallas Jenkins, and Jeremy Adams.
  • His senior thesis, "The Territory's Best," won "Best Western Short" at the Olympus Film Festival, and his short horror script "Reaper" was awarded the Platinum Award for "Best Script" at the Los Angeles Horror Competition.
  • In 2012, he became a recurring staff writer for the Superman Homepage, where he wrote regular reviews for various comic books, television shows, and films like "Zack Snyder's Justice League."


Michael has been covering the entertainment industry since long before every celebrity had a podcast. Starting with Across the Airwaves Productions in 2010, he reviewed a variety of television shows and feature films in the sci-fi/fantasy, superhero, horror, and western genres. Michael hosted a handful of the shows on the podcast network before it dissolved in 2017, only to continue on in the digital media space. But aside from simply writing about his favorite stories, Michael also writes some fantastical tales of his own. Screenplays, teleplays, short stories, novellas, you name it, he's written it (and hoping to tackle a full-length novel next). His neo-Western screenplay "Bright Morning Star" and spec pilot "Holy Man" hold over a dozen collective accolades, including placements in the Save the Cat! Screenplay Challenge (Top 25), Final Draft's Big Break, and the Austin Film Festival. In addition to the aforementioned publications, Michael's work has also been featured on sites such as Superhero Movies News, Next Luxury, Collider, and his own personal Substack, "Further Up & Further In." Michael is currently working on a follow-up to his first work of fiction, "The Beast of Bear-tooth Mountain," which was published in 2023 and quickly rose to a #1 Best Seller in "Religious Fiction Short Stories" on Amazon.


Michael has a Bachelor of Arts in film and photography from Montana State University, specializing in film production and screenwriting.
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