Cynthia Vinney

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Los Angeles, CA
Cornell University, Fielding Graduate University
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney, Stranger Things
  • Cynthia has co-authored two books on entertainment, most recently "Finding Truth in Fiction: What Fan Culture Gets Right" and "Why It's Good to Get Lost in a Story," about audiences' positive responses to fictional stories.
  • She has interviewed many filmmakers and actors, including Jim Carrey, Kiefer Sutherland, Anthony and Joe Russo, Naomi Watts, and Kevin Smith.
  • She's been featured in articles, radio shows, and podcasts about entertainment.


Cynthia is a writer who specializes in the film and television industry. At Looper, she writes movie reviews, interviews with filmmakers and actors, and features. She's also covered movies and TV for publications such as CBR, ScreenRant, FilmRacket, and Monsters & Critics. In addition to her writing, she has performed and published extensive research on the positive impact of pop culture on fans.


Cynthia holds a bachelor's degree in film studies from Cornell University and master's and doctorate degrees in media psychology from Fielding Graduate University, which all give her a unique foundation to write about all things movies and TV.
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