Chris Hodges

Iowa, USA
Arizona State University
Video Games, Movies, TV
  • Chris has been a professional writer and editor for almost ten years.
  • His articles have over 12 million views across multiple websites.
  • He most recently oversaw a team dedicated to updating and refreshing outdated articles with fresh content.


Though he briefly flirted with acting when he went to a performing arts high school as a drama major, Chris quickly realized that his talent and passion lie in the written word. He started a blog in the early 2010s called The Chi-Scroller that first focused on the Chicago indie game dev scene but eventually shifted focus to being a retro game site. At its peak, The Chi-Scroller was bringing in several thousand clicks per month entirely on Chris' own self-promotion. He eventually joined the Valnet family of websites, first as a writer for ScreenRant and then moving through TheGamer, TheThings, and TheTalko before eventually settling at Comic Book Resources where he was an editor and the lead for the site's Update Initiative. He made the move to Static Media in March 2022 when he joined Looper as a Features Writer. Chris was born and raised in Chicago but has now traded in the hustle and bustle of the big city for the quiet rural trappings of tiny, stoplight-free Farley, Iowa with his wife and three kids.


Chris first got an Associate of Arts degree with a focus on Communications from Northeast Iowa Community College, where he took multiple writing and media classes and even won an award for a short sci-fi story he wrote for a class. He then continued on to Arizona State University where he finished Magna Cum Laude in earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.
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