Mark D. McKee

United States
Movies, TV, Pop Culture, Comics
  • Mark is a published author with his debut novel released in 2017, and two more in the editing process to be released in 2022.
  • Mark got his start in content creation writing movie reviews for a small newspaper in town while running a movie store.
  • Mark has spent decades studying the movie business and turning his passions into a career in writing.


Mark McKee spent his early 20s sitting at guard shacks in the Army where he passed the time by reading thrillers. He decided to write his first novel, "The Reckoned," in 2006, and finally released it in 2017. He became a professional writer soon after, writing for Real Men, Real Style, one of the largest menswear educational sites on the internet. He has written movie reviews for newspapers and later wrote as a staff writer for Comic Book Resources, Film Daily, and other publications. Mark has turned his lifelong passion for movies into a lucrative writing career and still can most often be found in his local theater under large quantities of popcorn.


Mark was pre-law at a private university before deciding to pursue writing full-time following time spent at a large law firm. He has also taken a masterclass in screenwriting from the master himself, Aaron Sorkin.
Stories By Mark D. McKee