Kristi Roe-Owen

Kristi is a Tulsa, Oklahoma native who has been working as a writer and editor since 1998 when she got her start writing music, film, and food reviews for a local rag called Infinity Press. As a gen-Xer, she has been an avid TV, film, and gaming fan since her channel-surfing, Atari-playing '80s childhood. She earned her BA in English and Political Science and most of a graduate degree in English Lit from Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Kristi has written for many digital and print publications including Film Fracture, VOX Magazine Oklahoma, and Oklahoma Music Magazine. Since 2017, Kristi has been a regular blogger and contributor for TulsaKids Magazine, where you can find her blog Coffee Nebula. When she’s not writing about film, you can catch her playing Fallout 4 or Dungeons and Dragons, attending conventions in cosplay, and fanatically watching the latest Netflix trailers to find out what she’s going to binge next.

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