Damion Damaske

Hollywood, CA
University Of California, Santa Barbara
Film, Video Games, TV
  • Damion Damaske is a features writer at Looper.
  • He's previously written for other popular media sites like JoBlo and Comic Book Resources.
  • His feature film directorial debut, "Reunion of Champions" - which he also wrote and produced - is currently streaming on Amazon.


Damion Damaske is an award-winning screenwriter currently residing in Hollywood, CA. He's written for many popular online publications, such as JoBlo and Comic Book Resources. He now joins Looper as a features writer, bringing with him experience, knowledge, and an abiding love of films and pop culture (some would say *too* abiding).


Damion Damaske has a bachelor's degree in Film/Media studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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