Damion Damaske

Photo of Damion Damaske
Hollywood, CA
University Of California - Santa Barbara
Cult Horror Films, Good-Bad Movies, Marxist Film Theory
  • Damion's feature film directorial debut, "Reunion of Champions" -- which he also wrote and produced -- is currently streaming on Amazon and Tubi.
  • His short horror film “Perception” won the Judge’s Choice Award at the Santa Barbara Digital Film Festival.
  • He was awarded the Lazarus Scholarship for his feature screenplay “Mages.”


Damion Damaske is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker currently residing in Hollywood, CA. His work as an industry professional gives him a unique perspective on the industry itself, especially in the indie and horror scene. He's also written for many popular online publications, such as JoBlo, Arrow in the Head, and Comic Book Resources.


Damion Damaske has a bachelor's degree in Film/Media studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara.
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