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Rogue Legacy 2: How To Unlock Double Jump Ability

After almost two years in early access, "Rogue Legacy 2" is finally out on PC and Xbox consoles (sorry PS4 and PS5 owners). The original game's inspired concept of having each run played by the descendants of the characters who died in previous runs has returned with more classes, weapons, and abilities than ever before, giving the player more variety in how they go about conquering the dungeons. In fact, even fans who played the game in early access will notice that plenty of new features have been added to the 1.0 release. This, coupled with the title's fluid platforming mechanics, has helped "Rogue Legacy 2" establish its own identity in a genre that has grown increasingly competitive in the wake of entries like "Hades."

The platforming adds to the challenge as the player must skillfully avoid dangerous traps and environmental hazards while simultaneously attempting to defeat the dangerous beasts that stand in their way. An item, the Heirloom called Aether's Wings, unlocks a Double Jump to make this aspect of the experience a little easier though. The wings give player characters that sweet mid-air boost to help them navigate obstacles and take down those bigger bosses, but getting them isn't simple. Here's what you need to know.

Where to find Aether's Wings in Rogue Legacy 2

Before players can obtain Aether's Wings, they need to get their hands on another Heirloom called Echo's Boots. This upgrades their Spin Kicks, allowing them to interact with resonant objects – a requirement to reach the wings. Echo's Boots can be obtained by completing an Insight trial in Axis Mundi tower. Once players have the boots and have vanquished the Axis Mundi boss, they can head over to the Kerguelen Plateau to collect the wings.

To start, players need to find a journal entry in the plateau which lets them know that there is a Resonant Rope concealed in a room beneath the water near the Heirloom. Once they have read it, players can then start their search for the room — a long corridor with a floor of murky, brown water. Use the Spin Kick ability to jump across the water (which serves as a resonant object) and reach the Heirloom. The Insight to receive the wings will test the limits of players' platforming abilities as it is laden with traps and enemies, but the end result is one of the best Heirlooms in the game.