Patrick Phillips

East Carolina University
Movies, TV, Music, Comics
  • Patrick has been a movie obsessive since his youth, and tends to know weird facts about all manner of films ... even ones he hasn't seen.
  • He's quite specific about what comics he reads, and in his specificity, he's more astute than most. And yes, he shamelessly worships at the alter of Brian K. Vaughan.
  • Movies are, and ever will be his first love. Music is a close second, however, and his 800 records and counting vinyl collection is all the proof of that you should need of that fact


Patrick has been writing about movies from every era and genre for several years, earning by-lines at Geek Insider, CutPrintFilm, Taste Movies, and more. He spends too much money on vinyl pressings of original film scores from obscure horror movies, thinks Loki is the MCU's true MVP, and has a deep-rooted love for both the folks at A24 Films, and the weird/wonderful movies they release.


Patrick has spent his entire life studying film, music, and literature both on his own and under the guidance of qualified educators ... though he generally prefers the former to the latter.
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