Max Miller

Columbia University
Movies, TV, Books
  • With nearly a decade of writing and editing experience behind him, Max has a keen sense that even entertainment news needs entertaining, electrifying writing to compliment it.
  • His training in media studies and criticism bring Max's coverage an earned sense of perspective, whether he's dissecting the latest films or immersing himself in the newest games.
  • Max's past journalistic experience lend objectivity and weight to his writing, a straight shot at the truth.


Max Asher Miller is a fiction writer and journalist hailing from Denver, Colorado. He holds an MFA in writing from Columbia University, where he served as the Managing Editor of the Columbia Journal. His fiction has appeared in Fatal Flaw Literary Magazine, his poetry in Walkabout Journal, and his journalistic nonfiction has been featured at CBR, The Intermountain Jewish News, and more. In his spare time, you can find him working on his collection of short science-fiction stories or cycling the mile-high city.


Max holds an MFA in writing from Columbia University. He previously studied literature and political science at the University of Colorado, Boulder, with an emphasis on media studies and criticism.
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