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Everything Added In GTA's Halloween 2021 Update

On Oct. 21, "GTA" announced everything that's included in its 2021 Halloween update via a post on the official Rockstar site. And thankfully for players who like to get scared, there's a ton of new content coming to Los Santos for the most fearful time of the year. 

It's been a big year for "GTA," but then again, the game's enduring popularity and constant updates have kept it perpetually relevant. After all, 2021 brought with it "Los Santos Tuners," the biggest "GTA Online" update ever.

The latest update for "GTA Online" is similarly super extensive, boasting both new and returning features that affect gameplay, aesthetics, and more. Rockstar is already rolling out these changes, which are expected to last through Halloween. While there may still be some surprises ahead, it is already abundantly clear that both tricks and treats will be in full supply. Here's every spooky thing that's just been added to "Grand Theft Auto Online."

GTA Online has some creepy cars

As should be expected for any "GTA Online" update worth getting hyped about, the Halloween 2021 update will feature plenty of new cars. For those players who are members of LS Car Meet, scoring a Top 4 spot in at least eight Pursuit Series races will unlock a Dinka RT3000 as a reward.

More cars are up for grabs, and for much less effort than the Dinka. Test Track Vehicles for the week of the event will include the Annis Remus, Vulcar Warrener HKR, and Karin Previon. On top of that, a bit of good fortune when spinning the Lucky Wheel at The Diamond Casino & Resort within the next seven days can result in winning a Peyote Gasser. There will also be discounts on a bunch of other cars, including 40% off both the Rune Zhaba and the Albany Lurcher.

That's all well and good, but the real kicker? Ghost cars. As spotted by players on Reddit, driverless phantom vehicles (some of which are on fire) are roaming during the nighttime in-game. Inverse reports that any group of two players or more can find them after playing a match for at least 15 minutes while in Freemode. 

Slashers on the loose in GTA Online

Keeping their eyes peeled for possessed, playerless cars will keep gamers on high alert in "GTA Online" this Halloween season, but it's not all they'll have to watch out for. As described in the Rockstar update post, "a crop of copycat killers are running amok." These "psychotic Slasher-types" will be on the hunt for blood while players are in Freemode, and they're a force to be reckoned with because of their "seemingly superhuman strength."

Fans of classic horror may recognize some of these Slashers, or at least their inspirations. As noted by Eurogamer, "These killers are inspired by classic slasher horror films like 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and 'Friday the 13th.'" Though "GTA Online" players won't need to know the films intimately to enjoy the Slasher feature, understanding things like the history of copycat killers in"Friday the 13th" has or the terrifying real-life inspiration for "A Nightmare on Elm Street" will likely make the experience all the better.

Killing a Slasher has its benefits, other than the obvious bragging rights of staying alive through the encounter. Taking out one of the stalkers will unlock the rare "Twilight Knife" tee, though it's worth noting that it won't be delivered to a player's account until sometime within 3 days of Nov. 1. 

GTA Online resurrects classic modes

Much to the delight of fans, a few classic Halloween Modes are making a return to "GTA Online" for a limited time. And, they'll all feature Double Rewards, in case the appeal of the spot-on seasonality isn't enough.

There are three modes returning, all of which offer something a little different. "Slasher" mode pits a lone Slasher against up to seven Hunted. If the armed Slasher kills all of the temporarily unarmed Hunted players within the first three minutes, they win. If that time elapses, the Hunted get weapons to take down the Slasher.

With similarly asymmetrical teams, "Come Out To Play" mode pits a team of Hunters against a team of Runners. Up to five Hunters are given bikes, limitless lives, and free-aim shotguns. Up to three Runners are limited to a single life and foot travel — but they get to enjoy unlimited weapon choices.

Also reminiscent of the other modes, "Condemned" mode essentially designates one player out of a group of two to four to serve as the target for the others to take out.

Last but not least, Alien Survivals are back. This mode "let[s] you play as an extraterrestrial, fighting for your life on Earth against a tide of NOOSE teams, FIB agents, and the Marines across seven maps." Double GTA$ and RP will be up for grabs throughout the week.

More bonuses in GTA Online's Halloween 2021 update

In addition to all these new and returning game elements, there are even more incentives to make the "GTA Online" Halloween 2021 update unmissable for fans of fright and festivity.

Business Battles will be extra frequent, netting players double bonuses for both GTA$ and RP. Plus, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of "GTA 3," there will be a free Baseball Bat Tee this available for this week only. A freebie for anyone who plays before Oct. 27 will be the Republican Space Ranger Livery. As Rockstar describes it, this "all-over bumper sticker" allows players to give their Pfister Comet S2 a makeover.

As if all these giveaways weren't enough to help you blow off some steam, players with an in-game Arcade can try out the new Camhedz Arcade Cabinet, which will feature "fast-paced two-player shoot-'em-up." In addition to plenty of other discounts on Casino Penthouses and weapons, members of Amazon Prime Gaming can get GTA$100K, an LCC Sanctus bike, and extra discounts by connecting their accounts.

All in all, this Halloween's "Grand Theft Auto Online" update might be the biggest spooky season celebration the game has ever seen.