Nicole Hakim

Anaheim, CA
California State University
Movies, TV, Comics
  • Nicole is a freelance writer and has written several articles related to pop culture, particularly for movies, television, and media based on popular comics.
  • She has written for Locale Magazine, CBR, and Looper, all of which have published articles surrounding pop culture and nerdy lifestyles.
  • She is currently working a novel and a comedy pilot; much of her research for writing a sitcom comes from watching sitcoms such as Frasier, Wings, and Seinfeld.


Nicole has been writing for over 5 years with Locale Magazine being her first professional publication. She worked for Locale after graduating and continued to do so as she got into her Master's program. Following her graduation in 2019 with her MFA, she began writing for CBR, which was her first writing gigs for which she received monetary compensation. She is now a freelance writer for Looper with several publications under belt.


Nicole has a Bachelor's and an MFA in Creative Writing, both obtained from CSULB. She has been on the Dean's List and has been named an outstanding graduate student within the English department.
Stories By Nicole Hakim