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Hell's Kitchen: Where Is Declan Now & Is He Still Cooking?

Chef Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen has done more than treat viewers to fiery interactions — who can forget Joseph Tinnelly picking a fight with the man himself? The competition show has also introduced fans to passionate chefs, who are hungry to prove themselves.

"Hell's Kitchen" Season 19 arguably features the most talented chefs the show has ever seen. One of the most memorable contestants is Declan Horgan, a Michelin-star-trained Irishman who establishes very quickly that he is a top contender to become Ramsay's executive chef in his Lake Tahoe restaurant. Though Horgan doesn't make it all the way to the end — Kori Sutton ended up taking the crown, and Horgan came in third place behind Mary Lou Davis — he is living proof that losing on "Hell's Kitchen" isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

Following his appearance on the show, Horgan did rather well for himself. He went from leading Michelin-star restaurants to obtaining one of his own, became the culinary director and executive chef at Rebellion Bourbon Bar + Kitchen in Virginia, and even has his own brand of barbecue sauce. The sauce, known as "Big D's" from the nickname Ramsay gave him, is inspired by the first time Horgan tried BBQ sauce in Ireland. "I'm going to take the sweetness, the savory, and I'm going to do it differently," he told Swagger Magazine, and he ended up making a condiment that is gluten-free and only 15 calories per portion.

Declan Horgan is cooking, teaching, and leading

In addition to appearing on one of the highest-ranked seasons of "Hell's Kitchen," earning his own Michelin Star, and working on his unique BBQ sauce, Declan Horgan shows no signs of slowing down in the culinary world. He not only cooks professionally but has also become a mentor of sorts to aspiring chefs worldwide with in-person and virtual classes. He has shared sneak peeks of what he teaches his students on Instagram, piquing the interest of his followers.

As it seems, Horgan's already impressive resume is only getting more incredible. In 2022, he launched Horgans, LLC, a company that distributes a number of food and beverage brands, including Hasset's Crackers and Shortbread and Shenanigans Irish Liqueur. Horgan is also available as a consultant to chefs, cooks, and caterers, and he aids in developing unique menus and recipes for events of all shapes and sizes. In 2023, he made a return to television on Food Network's "Superchef Grudge Match," where he competed against Adam Pawlak, his former "Hell's Kitchen" competitor, who came in ninth place.

Horgan told Swagger, "I want to show American people, and anyone who comes to my restaurant, what Irish food is about. What I want to do is modernize Irish food here in America." With everything he has done, he will likely see more success in the future as he keeps bringing Irish food and culture across the country.