Kim Bell

Milwaukee, WI
University Of Montana
Bates College
Movies, TV, Literature
  • After taking a hiatus from the world of writing and academia to become a Cicerone and teach beer lovers about the stories and histories behind their beloved brews, Kim spent 2020 becoming reacquainted with her first love: analyzing and writing about archetypes in storytelling, specifically in film and television.
  • A former Nonfiction Editor for the Montana-based literary magazine, CutBank, Kim currently edits blog and social content for the multimedia site The Ampliverse, whose mission and ethos revolve around creating a safer and more inclusive space for members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community to discuss fandoms and interests historically dominated by white, cis, heterosexual voices.
  • A former New Englander who grew up at the base of (and intermittently worked at) a renaissance faire, Kim's passion for all things fantasy/sci-fi and historical fiction developed at an early age. She's currently working on an illustrated poetry chapbook entitled "Pestilence," a collection of monologue poems that celebrate remarkable but lesser-known historical figures.


A fervent believer in the power and importance of storytelling, Kim's writing projects and passions focus mainly on the ability of recurring themes and archetypes in film and television to *bring people together.* A Midwest transplant from the East Coast, she currently lives, writes, edits copy, and watches TV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As an essayist, poet, and lover of mythology and fantasy, she continues to be fascinated by the psychology behind why humans tell, love, respond to, and repeat the types of stories and characters we do.


Kim holds a B.A. in English from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, where she focused on poetry, film, and theater. She received her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from The University of Montana, where she taught creative writing as well as The Argument in Writing. Her graduate thesis, "Cost of Living," is a collection of darkly comedic personal essays that speak to the emotional and financial impact of long-term, chronic, and terminal illness.
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