Chris Perez

Denver, CO
Mississippi State University
Movies, TV, Comics, Video Games
  • Chris has covered a wide variety of topics over the past 7 years, including: movies, television, award shows, celebrities, athletes, toy releases, WWE and AEW events, comic books, video games, the Obama and Trump presidencies, local/national issues, COVID, and much, much more.
  • Chris has previously written for, an entertainment news site that covers pop culture and other related topics. He mainly wrote about film, television shows, professional wrestling and technology related to video games or media.
  • Chris is a descriptive storyteller who treats news, features and other events with equal passion and thrives within the deadline-intensive, 24/7 newsroom environment.


Chris Perez is an experienced writer/reporter with over 4,000 articles online and in print. His work has appeared on, the New York Post, Page Six, Fox News, Yahoo, HuffPost, MarketWatch,, The Herald Sun and Bleacher Report. After graduating from Mississippi State University in 2013, Chris was hired as a “re-write” or staff writer for the New York Post, the nation's oldest daily newspaper. For the next six years, he covered breaking news and local/national issues for the tabloid media outlet, while also penning columns and obituaries. Chris moved to Denver, Colorado in 2020 and began doing freelance work that year for, also known as Comic Book Resources. His work centered around topics near and dear to his heart, including movie and television news, features about professional wrestling, and write-ups about new toys/collectibles being released. Chris joined Looper in the summer of 2021, where he is lucky enough to cover similar topics for the website.


Chris has a bachelor's degree in Communication and Media Studies from Mississippi State University, the same school from which famous writer John Grisham graduated.
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