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NCIS Fans Are Totally Creeped Out By Killer Novak

The February 6 episode of "NCIS" gave fans a reason to stay up that night, with showrunners serving up one of the most terrifying villains in series history: Sam Novak (Andrew Ellis Miller) — aka the guillotine guy. 

"The guillotine guy?" you might ask. Welp, it's exactly how it sounds. 

Episode 13 of Season 20, titled "Evil Eye," opened with the "NCIS" crew investigating the discovery of a severed head, which is dropped off for Lt. Renée Harlan (Christy St. John) at the Norfolk Ship Museum by a food delivery robot. A famous actor named Chloe Marlene (Tania Raymonde) is shadowing NCIS Special Agent Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) during the decapitation probe and is heavily involved throughout the entire episode. After some investigative work, the "NCIS" team is able to trace the severed head back to the body of a man located inside a barn — next to a guillotine. 

Special Agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole), who is now the group's main leader following Mark Harmon's exit, helps Knight and Marlene find Novak through a [totally obvious] purchase of guillotine blades. The straight-laced sociopath admits to killing the headless man, as well as two other individuals who are found inside the barn. Oh yeah, and he's also managed to kidnap Harlan and her husband, who he holds hostage under the threat of a pipe bomb. But it's not just Novak's actions, though, that have "NCIS" fans totally creeped out. 

Novak's interrogation scene gave fans chills

After admitting to his murders and kidnapping of the Harlans, Sam Novak decides to toy with the "NCIS" team — and specifically, actor Chloe Marlene — through a chilling performance inside of an interrogation room. Parker and Knight somehow think it's a good idea to send the Hollywood starlet in to question the murder-obsessed madman after he requests her personally. What unfolds is something truly hair-raising, with Novak creepily staring into the camera multiple times and saying shocking things about his crimes in a calm and cool manner. 

"This dirtbag they're after is sick!" said Twitter user @JBraxt29. "I mean, they've gone after the worst of the worst before, but a serial killer with a penchant for guillotines and IEDs?!" Similarly, @elongatedbean remarked, "Novak is a total sociopath." A third user, @smackalalala, wrote, "That guy is definitely giving me the creep factor."

Novak wound up having his bomb plan foiled by the "NCIS" crew after being outsmarted by Marlene and the others during another interrogation. In the end, the twisted serial killer was supposedly taking out his victims because of an obsession he had with heterochromia, or having different colored eyes. It was revealed in the episode's closing moments that he, too, had heterochromia and was hiding it through the use of a contact lens. "Creepy eyes Novak," concluded Twitter user @TheKevNation.