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Sex/Life's Season 2 Trailer Is Here To Heat Up Your Netflix Subscription All Over Again

Brace yourselves, Netflix prudes: your precious streaming app is about to get another hefty dose of Stacy Rukeyser's fantasy-fueled "Sex/Life" series — with more hookups, more marriage-ending love affairs, and even more drama than last season. 

Fans expressed their excitement in the comments section for the new Season 2 trailer, which comes nearly two years after the first season debuted. According to Rukeyser, if you thought what you saw in Season 1 (2021) was steamy, just wait until the latest installment of her "44 Chapters About 4 Men" adaptation drops on March 2. 

 "That's how we like Sex/Life — as a big, bold, unapologetic exploration of female desire, and a thrilling chance to tell the truth about our lives and the choices we all make in relationships, family, career and identity," Rukeyser told Netflix's media site, Tudum. "This season is a fairy tale, full of hope and love and second chances," she said. "We never stop asking 'What if?' and our characters never stop striving to create the life (and the sex) of which they dream." Judging from the new "Sex/Life" trailer, viewers will be seeing all this and more this year.

Lust is the name of the game in Sex/Life Season 2

In the new "Sex/Life" Season 2 trailer, characters are faced with various scenarios surrounding stories from last season, and "fresh desires" that have started to arise, per Netflix. "We have several exciting new faces in the mix — not the least of which is a hot new love interest for Sasha," said Stacy Rukeyser during her conversation with Tudum, referencing Margaret Odette's character. "She has always fiercely protected her independence, but when this undeniable man from her past shows up, he makes her question everything, including what it means to 'have it all." As pointed out by fans on YouTube, the series definitely appears to be turning things up a notch, which is something many are calling for. 

"Honestly I never expected that there will be a Season 2," said YouTube user 10k Authenticity, calling the trailer "fire." Letitia Washington wrote, "Omg finally! Now I gotta rewatch the first season so it can be fresh on my mind again!" Over on Twitter, @Angeliiiiique said, "Can't wait to see all the Karens and pearl clutchers being overly outraged when the second season of Sex/Life comes out."

According to Netflix, Season 2 of "Sex/Life" will ultimately focus on Billie (Sarah Shahi) and Cooper Connelly's (Mike Vogel) straining marriage, which is destined to be doomed by its end. The season's official description reads, "Billie navigates new challenges — and fresh desires — as she lusts after the life she wants. But will she be able to have it all?" Only time will tell.