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Elden Ring: How To Get Ghiza's Wheel

"Elden Ring" is not a game for the faint of heart, as players will find themselves navigating extremely difficult passages and taking on virtually impossible boss battles. This is completely by design, of course, as developer FromSoftware — the team behind the "Dark Souls" series — forces players to be efficient and focus on pattern recognition and timing in combat. Mastery of such practices has allowed select players break speedrunning records and becoming gaming legends.

However, not all players patient enough or interested in becoming gaming prodigies, so they will instead have to rely on more traditional means of beating "Elden Ring." And to do this, one must have the right tools for the job. 

Ghiza's Wheel is one such tool, an impressive heavy weapon that not only has a cool spinning wheel attached to it that makes for some brutal attacks, but it's also useful for quickly blitzing through certain sections of the game. But how exactly  is Ghiza's Wheel most effectively used? And how does one go about obtaining it? Here's what you need to know.

The Ghiza Wheel is best enhanced with high Dexterity and Strength stats

In "Elden Ring," each player is encouraged to create their own character build with specific strengths and weaknesses. The stats stem from what aspects of gameplay players invest their Runes and time into improving. Want to be a damage sponge and withstand the worst onslaughts? Vigor is the stat you should invest into. Do you want your character to have the ability to wield more advanced weapons? In that case, Dexterity is your best bet. Regardless of how you build your character, certain weapons' effects will depend upon where your character's own strengths and weaknesses lie.

In the case of Ghiza's Wheel, players who have invested time into building up their Dexterity and Strength will have the best returns. For instance, high marks in both the attack and guard stats will allow players to easily dispatch some of their foes with only a few hits. This means that if you plan on using Ghiza's Wheel, it's probably best you invest whatever Runes you have into improving upon your Dexterity and Strength in order to truly unlock its power and optimize its performance in battle.

How to get Ghiza's Wheel

Players have a few things to keep in mind before obtaining Ghiza's Wheel. For one, the weapon isn't available until the later portions of the game when you reach the Volcano Manor. And two, you will be required to have a Strength stat of at least 28 in order to wield it. If you meet these two requirements, then you can go about getting Ghiza's Wheel.

Ghiza's Wheel itself will be on the second floor of the Volcano Manor on Mount Gelmir. Upon heading up the stairs to the second floor, you will encounter an invasion from Inquisitor Ghiza, whom you must defeat to obtain Ghiza's Wheel. Mind you, once you've become engaged in battle with Ghiza, you will not be able to leave. So make sure you're stocked up on whatever HP-replenishing items you need and be ready to finish this fight.

As seen in a video posted to YouTube by AshesWolf, Inquisitor Ghiza's attacks are powerful, but quite slow. Successfully executing evasive maneuvers should provide plenty of lengthy openings for you to deal a bit of damage. Upon finally taking down the Inquisitor, Ghiza's Wheel and an assortment of Runes will be yours for the taking.