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The Hidden Thelma & Louise Tribute You Missed In Grand Theft Auto 5

"Grand Theft Auto 5" is a remarkable game. Not only is the title a success as an engaging open-world action experience, but also, at its very core, it's art that emulates life. In that sense, Rockstar owes some of the "Grand Theft Auto" series' success to the simple fact that San Andreas — and even Liberty City and Vice City before it — feel like real places inhabited by satirical caricatures of people.

Oftentimes the world itself can feel like a character, meticulously detailed and full of surprises. As with other titles in the franchise, the world in "Grand Theft Auto 5" does not disappoint and it's absolutely filled with easter eggs, jokes, hidden surprises and even a few cameos. Players may have already stumbled into the "GTA 5" tribute to "No Country For Old Men" or the infamous hatch from "LOST," but have they seen the secret homage to "Thelma and Louise" in Los Santos? Here's how players can track down the "Thelma and Louise" tribute they likely missed in "GTA 5" and what its significance is.

Where Is The Thelma And Louise Tribute?

Players looking to track down Thelma and Louise in "Grand Theft Auto 5" will want to head to the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness between 7:00 and 8:00 PM to seek out an ominous cliff road near Ranton Canyon that ends in a dead-end and a massive drop. Players won't be able to trigger the event by physically approaching, so they'll need to either watch while piloting a helicopter or from the adjacent cliff road by the altruist cult.

Once in position, players will be able to see a desperate scene play out between the police and another car with two women in it. Before long the cops will begin opening fire on the vehicle, moving in closer to surround it. Just before the vehicle is completely surrounded, it'll gun it ahead, off the cliff and into the canyon below. In most cases, the vehicle will explode, but some players have reported a successful salvage after the event and that the back seat of the car contains guitars and Mexican party supplies.

What's The Significance Of The Thelma And Louise Scene

Though out of the public eye now, "Thelma and Louise" was a landmark film in the early 1990's and is now looked upon as a trailblazer for feminism in film. Portraying two women's misadventures during a roadtrip, Thelma and Louise quickly find themselves on the opposite side of the law. The two characters' situation only escalates throughout the movie, eventually leading the duo to a standoff against police at the Grand Canyon during the film's climax. Rather than surrender and face the certainty of life in prison, Thelma and Louise elect to "keep going" and speed off the remaining road, plummeting to their deaths. 

While the finer details are a bit morbid, the "Thelma and Louise" depiction in "Grand Theft Auto 5" is spot on. Even more than that, "Grand Theft Auto 5" and the team over at Rockstar Games ensured that this little piece of film history would remain immortalized in San Andreas for all players to see, every night, starting at 7:00 PM.