Sam Moya

University Of New Mexico, University Of Colorado Boulder
Movies, TV, Literature
  • Sam has a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Colorado Boulder.
  • She is an avid lover of cinema and television since she was a child.
  • Sam is currently the managing editor of Screen Speck, a multicultural entertainment and media platform for up and coming unheard voices.


Sam is a lover of all things film and television. Even while earning a Ph.D. in Political Science, she stayed on top of film criticism, film festivals, awards seasons, and read as many features from entertainment outlets as she could. Sam recently helped launch Screen Speck, an entertainment platform which showcases up-and-coming and unheard voices. Sam writes and edits for Screen Speck while also co-hosting a podcast for the Apple TV+ show Severance, where she and her co-host discuss the show and fan theories.


Sam earned a Ph.D. in Political Science where she wrote a book-length dissertation. She is well-versed in skills of research, argumentation, and engaging writing.
Stories By Sam Moya