Mike Worby

Photo of Mike Worby
Regina, SK, Canada
FW Johnson Collegiate
University Of Saskatchewan
Dark Souls, Attack On Titan, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Mike has been absolutely obsessed with pop culture for as long as he knew what it was. Actually, even before that.
  • A writer of fiction as well, Mike has penned both a screenplay and a novel.
  • If you search across the vast ranges of the internet, you'll find that Mike has hundreds of articles published across many different sites.


Mike has been writing about pop culture professionally for nearly a decade. As someone who's been obsessed with the entertainment industry since he was a child, Mike's current position is something he's strived for years to finally attain. Now that he's finally got it, you can look forward to him nattering on for years more about anime, video games, movies, and television. He hopes that readers care as much about these topics as he does.


Despite being a high school dropout, Mike managed to write his way into a local university where he studied English and philosophy. He remains a life-long learner.
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