Zachary Leeman

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Riverview, FL
Kevin Smith’s View Askew Universe, Boondock Saints, Yellowstone
  • Zachary has interviewed acclaimed artists such as actor Rutger Hauer and novelist Stephen Hunter.
  • His first novel, titled "Nigh," is releasing from publisher Guilded Masque in 2023.
  • He and Bruce Willis agree on one dangerously controversial subject: "Die Hard" is not a Christmas movie -- it’s a Bruce Willis movie.


Zachary has been a journalist and culture critic since 2011 for outlets such as Bloody Disgusting, Hollywood in Toto, and Mediaite. He worked as the senior pop culture editor with Lifezette from 2015 to 2019, interviewing numerous artists about their craft and long journeys to success. He also co-hosted the Man of Science, Man of Faith podcast where he and his co-hosts waxed poetic about everything from Rob Zombie directing CSI: Miami to Garth Brooks’ alter ego, Chris Gaines.
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