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Impractical Jokers: Bruce Campbell Drenches Q In Evil Dead Levels Of Blood

Since Joe Gatto departed the cast of "Impractical Jokers," the remaining three members of The Tenderloins — James Murray, Sal Vulcano, and Brian "Q" Quinn — have invited a series of celebrity guest stars to fill the void left by their friend. Everyone from Method Man to Brooke Shields has taken part in the pranking shenanigans. One specific celebrity, though, got Q a tad more excited than the others. We are of course talking about "Evil Dead" legend Bruce Campbell (who plays Ash Williams in the franchise). 

Campbell features in the ninth episode of the 11th season of "Impractical Jokers" and he gets the pleasure of overseeing Q's punishment. The supervisory role over the madness is fitting for Campbell, as Q gets dressed up in full Ash Williams attire (including a chainsaw arm) to go inside a mockup of the cabin from 1981's "The Evil Dead." The filmmaker also gets to add to the punishment by verbally abusing Q, especially after Murr and Sal inform him that Q is one of his biggest fans. 

One instance of this is when Q tries to give a touching speech on how he used to hang out at the cabin they're filming at and recreate "Evil Dead" scenes — Campbell shuts this down quickly and informs "Ryan" he has to do everything he says or he won't let them use any of the footage, as can be seen in a clip published by Den of Geek ahead of the episode airing. 

As part of Q's punishment, he got doused in "Evil Dead"-levels of blood. When he opens the door to the cabin, a woman (or is it Deadite?) opens her mouth and drenches Q in blood before he even steps inside. It's a moment any "Evil Dead" fan would relish, and Q no doubt did. 

Brian Quinn's favorite genre is horror, and he's joined it himself

Recreating "Evil Dead" for an "Impractical Jokers" punishment was not the first time Brian "Q" Quinn has dabbled in some acting in the horror genre. He also appeared in 2017's "Victory Crowley," the fourth chapter in the franchise centered around Kane Hodder's hatchet-wielding Crowley. It's the biggest role in Q's limited filmography of acting credits and it's easy to see why he took it. Q's always loved horror icons because it's his favorite genre. 

"Horror has been always been my favorite genre. Always. I had a poster of Kane on my wall when I was a kid. I was a fan of the 'Hatchet' movies before I met [director] Adam Green. They are really my type of horror," Q told a fan on Reddit while promoting "Victory Crowley." 

He's still plenty in love with the "Evil Dead" movies too, even sharing on Twitter how excited he was about "Evil Dead Rise," a sequel Bruce Campbell executive produced and the whole reason he was on "Impractical Jokers" in the first place. In an interview with SILive promoting Campbell's appearance, Q partially traced his love for horror back to the actual cabin they shot at with Campbell, creating a dream circle for any horror fan.

"I was a Boy Scout here on Staten Island and that cabin that we shot in was one that, when I was a kid, we used [for] a haunted house every year. ... It was really one of the things that got me into horror. So to go back and shoot in that same cabin with Bruce Campbell was a really special thing for me," he said.