Wolf Of Wall Street: Jonah Hill's Favorite Scene Was A Prank On Leonardo DiCaprio

Jonah Hill broke out with comedies like "Superbad" and "Get Him to the Greek," but he's arguably equally known for his work in dramatic films like "Moneyball" and "The Wolf of Wall Street" (which, to be fair, has plenty of laughs). Each of those flicks earned Hill an Oscar nomination. And just because Hill finds himself in a Martin Scorsese-directed drama, doesn't mean the comedic madman inside is going to be quelled, whether in front of or behind the camera. 

Hill's favorite scene from "The Wolf of Wall Street" involves his inner comedian coming out so he could take some revenge on Leonardo DiCaprio. In the film, the two play real life salesmen Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio) and Donnie Azoff (Hill) who bend more than a rule or two and find themselves on the wrong end of the law. Hill recalled in a 2012 interview with Entertainment Weekly that DiCaprio's acting style is so committed that he actually punched Hill in a scene. Hill took revenge with a piece of sushi. 

In what Hill described as his favorite scene of the movie, his and DiCaprio's characters are talking over some sushi, Hill was supposed to eat a piece of yellowtail sushi after DiCaprio offers it, but he flipped it. Hill knew DiCaprio would actually force himself to eat the sushi for every take. 

"He goes, 'Take that last piece of yellowtail,' and I go, 'It's all yours.' And then so he had to eat it. So he had to match that take for the rest of the night. By the end of the night, he was on the floor throwing up into a waste bin," Hill said.

Jonah Hill also took a real hit from Jon Bernthal

Taking a punch from Leonardo DiCaprio was not the only physical punishment Jonah Hill took during the making of "The Wolf of Wall Street." Hill revealed he also took some shots from none other than The Punisher, or Jon Bernthal as he's otherwise been known. 

Bernthal portrayed Brad in "The Wolf of Wall Street," an ally to DiCaprio's Jordan Belfort, but not the biggest fan of Hill's Donnie Azoff and his quick mouth. In a scene where Brad is expressing to Belfort that he has no interest in working with a hothead, Donnie arrives and begins talking smack to a man who could clearly break him in half at any moment. Instead of breaking him in half, he instead gives him one good right hook and knocks him out. Hill told Vanity Fair in 2018 that the scene looked best when Bernthal actually made contact.

"Marty's in there going, 'It looks stupid. It looks fake.' Leo and I are sitting on a tiny little couch, and Jon is pacing back and forth, and I'm not scared because, you know, it's just a movie. And Marty's like, 'Why don't you try hitting him for real?'" Hill recalled.

Despite getting a real punch, the actor also revealed that it's one of his favorite scenes he's ever been in.