C.M. Crockford

Philadelphia, PA
University Of San Francisco
Movies, TV, Literature, Music
  • C.M. has considerable experience writing articles and columns for No Recess! Magazine, Punknews, Vague Visages, Paste, and Nerdist.
  • He has proficiency and expertise in film, television, and music history, personnel, criticism, and current trends.
  • He's very good at proofing and editing his own work, so usually revisions are minimal.


C.M. Crockford has years of experience in professional writing, including poetry, fiction, and criticism. He's been a staff writer for Punknews and No Recess! Magazine and had other cultural criticism published in Paste Magazine, Nerdist, and The Spool among other outlets. Crockford also co-hosts The Barn: A Podcast About The Shield. He's had two chapbooks of poetry published, most recently Mark The Place with Thirty West Publishing, and is working on a third. Crockford has worked for Looper News since 2021 and loves putting his pop culture expertise to good use.


C.M. went to the University of San Francisco, a very life-altering experience for a Yankee, and received a Bachelor's in English. His concentration was in non-fiction, which made him feel uniquely qualified to write for places like Punknews and Looper.
Stories By C.M. Crockford