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Modern Family Fans Make Their Distaste For Dylan Very Clear

U/bunnyp4tch asked r/Modern_Family users a simple question in their recent post: "Why do people dislike Dylan?" For, u/bunnyp4tch, Dylan was not their favorite character, but they were surprised by how others hated him. "I didn't really care for him as a character, but I see some people pointing out how they specifically hated him. Why's that?" 

Dylan Marshall (Reid Ewing) may be the least intelligent character on "Modern Family." In fact, "D-Money" is a spacey, goofy, wannabe musician who reintroduces himself with, "Hey guys. It's me, Dylan, from before." He's also kind, and he cares deeply about everyone around him. Dylan even switches his career from music to nursing because it's another way to heal people.

Dylan and Haley break up and get back together repeatedly over the years, but they eventually marry in Season 10 when she discovers she's pregnant. The character is a mainstay of the show, but this doesn't mean "Modern Family" fans like him. In fact, many were honest about why they dislike him so much. 

Fans feel Dylan isn't a well-developed character

The "Modern Family" subreddit users didn't hold back on their loathing for Dylan in this post's comments. 

"He was funny as h*** in the first few seasons," u/funksoulbrothar posted, "but my girl Haley deserved better." This user, amongst others, believed the couple actually wasn't a good match, which explains their many break-ups over the series. "I feel when he's with Haley they bring out the worst in each other," another user, u/Old_Specialist7892, posted. Meanwhile, other commenters thought the writing for Dylan wasn't good enough. 

"It just doesn't make sense for him to graduate from nursing school and be that dumb," u/froggaholic said. "The show did him dirty." U/GoldenAmmonite bounced off of this and called out the larger issue. "I think he's lazy writing," they posted, "a tired trope that never really developed." 

Dylan is a caricature of a "cool guy" and not much more. Unfortunately, despite switching careers and becoming a father to twins, he never goes far beyond that stereotype. It's a shame as Ewing is a funny actor and gives Dylan some depth when the writing isn't always serving the character. 

237 Redditors thought Haley should've married Andy instead

Dylan and Haley may have become one of the relationship endgames of "Modern Family," but many fans believe she should've been with Andy Bailey (Adam DeVine). According to a r/Modern_Family poll from u/True_News4032, 237 people voted for Andy as the right husband for Haley, and Dylan showed up at a distant second with 86 votes.

"It's reminiscent of Claire and Phil," u/blique15 posted. "He's more stable than Dylan, and she flat out seemed happier in their relationship arc." 

Introduced in Season 5 as the new nanny to Joe, Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neill) and Gloria Delgado-Pritchett's (Sofia Vergara) son, Andy is a funny, sweet-natured guy. He and Haley take their time getting together, but they eventually have a happy and committed relationship.

Their split in Season 7 was more about their careers than anything else as Andy had to move to Utah for his dream job. While this relationship ended, Haley winding up with Dylan instead doesn't seem right either.

"As Haley said, Andy was the first guy she truly loved, which made me [realize] she didn't even love Dylan," u/Infinite_Paper_9039 posted. That alone speaks volumes.