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The Mandalorian: Pedro Pascal Jokes That Grogu's First Words Could Be In Spanish

When "The Mandalorian" lead Pedro Pascal recently appeared on the official "Star Wars" TikTok to answer fan questions, someone asked, "What 5 words in spanish [do you want] grogu to learn?" The Chilean-American actor quickly named them off with his fingers: "Yo te quiero mucho, papi." Translation: "I love you so much, Daddy."

It's a really sweet answer considering how much his character, Din Djarin, does for Grogu aka the Child over the course of the show. After being asked to bring Grogu to the Client (Werner Herzog) as a bounty and then rescuing him, Din really has become the toddler's surrogate father over the past few seasons.

The Mandalorian is, however, split between wanting to reunite with his clan and wanting to protect and care for Grogu, as Pascal told the "Star Wars" website. "We know what Din wants: Din wants back in. He wants back into Mandalore. And what his heart needs is Grogu," he said. It's hard, after all, not to care about such an adorable creature.

Pascal was really crying when Djarin said goodbye to Grogu

When Pedro Pascal was asked about his heartfelt scenes with Grogu in "The Mandalorian" on "Hot Ones," he also credited the alien's impressive puppeteering with making him a better actor.

He explained, "It's like wires that, in close, you get that really detailed eyebrow movements and eyeballs kind of moving around. He's a very cooperative and fulfilling scene partner." One version of the alien was for moments where Grogu moved around and could be picked up, while the other was for close-up scenes.

The production's delicate puppet work and design ended up feeling incredibly lifelike and expressive on set and on camera. In fact, Pascal teared up for real when Djarin and Grogu said farewell on the show's Season 2 finale.

"It's pretty crazy," he said on "Hot Ones," "having to say goodbye to him in Season 2 and getting praise for, 'Oh my gosh, you have such subtle emotion, and you're dealing with a puppet.' I'm like, 'This puppet is making me cry.'"