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Fire Country Episode 19: Bode's Rule-Breaking Is Getting Old

Bode Donovan (Max Theriot) on "Fire Country" is a prisoner looking for a second chance by volunteering for Cal Fire. And the character's backstory, including drug addiction and a sister who died in a car accident, certainly is unfair and tragic. But fans of the show, which was recently renewed for Season 2, are already fed up with the firefighter's behavior and are expressing their feelings on Reddit.

On the recent r/FireCountry Season 1, Episode 19 recap thread, u/RosieCrone wrote, "I'm finding it harder to suspend my disbelief with Bode's — I don't even know what I'd call it —thinking he's special?" The Redditor noticed many instances of rule-breaking, such as Bode covering up Troy's (Riley Davis) overdose so he doesn't get sent back to prison. It's a sympathetic line of reasoning, but Gabriella Perez (Stephanie Arcila) is also still right to be angry at Bode for not getting Troy attention.

However, it wasn't just Bode's rule-breaking that fans are getting tired of, but also the character's irresponsible actions.

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According to fans, Bode should really be back in prison

Other Reddit commenters on the "Fire Country" episode thread agreed with u/RosieCrone: "Anyone else would have been sent back to prison, but it's [sic] made sense narratively (mostly) until this last one."

U/katarthurs1 called Bode Donovan's defiance of protocol a reckless trope that the show continues to push on fans. "I think they worry they won't have a show if he isn't still in fire camp," the user wrote. Bode sneaking out to use a phone in an early episode seems like a minor offense at best. Covering up a drug overdose meanwhile is a serious infraction for any prisoner, let alone one looking to make parole.

The comment also pointed out how Bode should get parole but, "instead we keep needlessly having the will he won't he nonsense that for me as well takes me out of the show." Ultimately, u/kayky97 really summed up how Bode's irresponsible behavior. "It makes sense that Bode wouldn't want Troy sent back to prison, but the kid was in bad shape. He should've gotten him medical attention," the user wrote.