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La Brea Fans Say The Show Is So Bad, They Can't Look Away

By now, the NBC series "La Brea" has gained enough success for it to gain a likely final third season and wrap up the main storylines. The show focuses on the strange and even prehistoric after-effects of a sinkhole opening up near the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. 

It's a juicy, high-concept premise for a thrilling mystery-drama, but many Redditors seem to think the cheesy special effects and dialogue aren't exactly the stuff of great television, and some fans are not thrilled with some characters' actions. This even led to some, like u/alsatian01, to confess on the r/LaBreaTV subreddit their true feelings about the corny show.

"I don't know why I enjoy this show," they posted. "I think it is bad on so many levels, and I enjoy it and look forward to each episode." While it may be confusing at first, the cringe is part of the appeal, according to u/alsatian01. "The last episode was so bad it was good."

These Redditors know La Brea is awful and are still hooked

"La Brea" Redditors clearly don't always have the highest opinion of the drama — even when they're still watching the series. Some users, like u/nihongopower, even feel as if the show is not being written by people.

"I'm pretty sure we watching the first AI written show," they wrote. U/rdnckctyboy had similar thoughts, claiming that "it's like watching an improv show where they're just making up **** as they go along." 

One reason why it feels this way is because "La Brea" keeps hurling baffling story twists, like a sinkhole turned time portal, at fans. One commenter, u/absolute_rule, also boiled it down to "bad acting" and an "implausible plot." 

"When my wife and I watch," u/K-Toon posted, "we end up pausing every three minutes or so to discuss the absurdity we just witnessed."

Still, most of the commenters seem hooked on the show regardless of how silly it gets. 

"It's truly awful," u/DrStocks posted, "but I won't stop watching." Evidently, the surprisingly international show is wildly entertaining. This could be due to the central storylines being so unpredictable and fun. As u/Marcinecali73 sums up, audiences can't wait for whatever ridiculous stunt the series pills next.