Brooke Mondor

Dallas, TX
Brookhaven College
University Of North Texas
Movies, TV, Pop Culture
  • Brooke has her bachelor's degree in Media Arts and spent most of her undergraduate career working for her school's television station, both writing and producing late night TV.
  • She's written film analysis for Screen Queens and articles on pop culture and current events for Girl Soup.
  • She was a freelance writer for a multi-industry content creation service, and wrote SEO articles on everything from tech to education.


Brooke has her Bachelor's in Media Arts from the University of North Texas, where she was able to mix her love of media and writing by working for the school's television station. She spent a semester writing jokes and sketches for Late Night at North Texas before being promoted to Content Producer, where she remained throughout her time at UNT. During school, she also completed a writing internship for Study Breaks, where she learned how to pitch and write articles. Since graduating in late 2019, Brooke has written film analysis for Screen Queens and is currently a Senior Contributor at Girl Soup. Aside from writing for Looper, Brooke is interning at a New York-based literary agency to learn more about the ins and outs of publishing, so she can further advocate for great storytelling.


Brooke obtained her Associate of Arts degree from Brookhaven College before heading to UNT for her bachelor's in Media Arts —which is a less cool way of saying radio, TV, and film.
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