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Get Your First Look At Good Omens Season 2

Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett's 1990 award-winning novel "Good Omens" has sold millions of copies, so it should come as no surprise that its television series adaptation is also wildly popular. In mid 2021, fans of the "Good Omens" series got the best news imaginable — it's officially greenlit for Season 2.

Since the first season of "Good Omens" covered the events of the novel, the plot of Season 2 remains a mystery. When a fan on Tumblr asked Gaiman about a possible sequel for the "Good Omens" novel, he replied: "There is an entire novel plot that nobody knows about, and Terry was absolutely in favour of that story being told. Whether or not we do it depends on a lot of factors though. (Of which my time is a big one.)" On the one hand, it's entirely possible that Season 2 will consist of whatever Gaiman and Prachett cooked up together before the latter's death in 2015. Of course, it's also likely that the "Good Omens" team is creating something entirely new for the next season.

Regardless of its plot, it's safe to say that "Good Omens" fans are pumped for the upcoming season. Recently, Amazon posted an exciting first look at "Good Omens" Season 2, which is sure to stir even more anticipation for the next season.

Good Omens Season 2 is in production

Earlier today, Amazon Studios provided fans with some insight into the upcoming season. According to the studio's press release, production is taking place in Scotland, and the beloved characters Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and Crowley (David Tennant) are returning for more adventures. To accompany the exciting news, Amazon shared an exclusive first look at the angel-demon duo, with Aziraphale drinking tea next to a devilishly grinning Crowley.

Amazon also shared a statement from Gaiman regarding "Good Omens" Season 2: "I am so happy to be back here on the streets of Soho, watching, every day, the glorious performances of Michael Sheen and David Tennant. I miss having Terry Pratchett's genius, but it does feel like we are still all walking around inside his head. It's been an absolute pleasure to have the brilliant John Finnemore co-write this season's story shenanigans with me, and to work with director and my co-showrunner Douglas Mackinnon as he steers the ship, along with our astonishing crew, who have returned to do it again."

Gaiman then teased some of the action to come in Season 2: "In this season we get to have new adventures with old friends, to solve some extremely mysterious mysteries, and we encounter some entirely new humans (living, dead, and otherwise), angels, and demons. We were lucky in the first season to have so many outstanding actors taking part, so I took pleasure in inviting people back, wherever we could, some in the roles they played originally, some in new parts written just for them."

There's not an official premiere date for "Good Omens" Season 2 yet, so stay tuned for any updates.