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A Quiet Place 2 Is Returning To Theaters For Halloween Weekend

Halloween is less than a week away, which means it's time to start solidifying your spooky holiday plans. Whether you intend to (safely) trick-or-treat or even attend a virtual Halloween bash, there are tons of great ways to celebrate the holiday this year. Indeed, another option for those who prefer to stay home is to indulge in their favorite Halloween films, like a Tim Burton animated classic, or a newer, darker release.

With that in mind, one of the more recent horror franchises to be embraced by audiences was helmed by none other than John Krasinski of "The Office" fame, who teamed up with his equally-talented wife, Emily Blunt, to bring both "A Quiet Place" and "A Quiet Place Part II" to life. The two-film series stars Krasinski and Blunt as Lee and Evelyn Abbott, a married couple who live with their children in a world overrun by sightless aliens with extremely sensitive hearing. In both "A Quiet Place" and its sequel, Lee and Evelyn do what they can to raise their children in an undeniably dangerous environment.

If you're in need of a perfect viewing experience this Halloween too, you need not look any further — Krasinski's got you covered.

No tricks, just a treat

In true holiday spirit, John Krasinski has revealed (via Twitter) that "A Quiet Place Part II" is headed back to theaters this Halloween weekend. Krasinski's announcement tweet reads, in part, "No trick, just treat!!! To celebrate Halloween #AQuietPlace2 is BACK in theaters this weekend!!!"

The film first premiered in theaters in May of this year, before subsequently making its way to Paramount+ for viewers to stream from home. Nonetheless, its reemergence in movie theaters is sure to be a wonderful treat for fans who either never got the chance to see it on the big screen, or who loved it enough to see it a second time. At the time of its release, it set a record at the box office by securing the biggest opening for a new film since the start of the pandemic (via Vulture), and it's definitely possible that it will have another successful box office run this coming Halloween weekend.

For those interested, you can now head to the official "Quiet Place" website to secure your tickets for the special Halloween screenings of "A Quiet Place Part II."