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Tales Of Arise - What We Know So Far

Ask a room full of JRPG fans what the best series in the genre is and you'll probably see a battle unfold between the "Final Fantasy" fans and the "Dragon Quest" purists. It's a question as old as "Star Wars" v. "Star Trek," and it is debated just as passionately. These two juggernauts have been dominating the JRPG limelight since the '80s, but there's another franchise that often gets overlooked.

Bandai Namco's "Tales" series may not utilize three different visual styles like "Dragon Quest," and it doesn't have the popularity to make blockbuster remakes like "Final Fantasy," but it does have a dedicated following who wait with eager anticipation for each new release. "Tales of Vesperia" is often considered the best game in the series. It has a manga, an anime, and is available on Xbox Game Pass. "Tales of Berseria" is the most recent title in the series, and is likely one of the best games you missed in the last few years. Now, gamers are finally getting a new addition to the beloved saga.

"Tales of Arise" was announced way back at E3 2019, but some new gameplay footage and an exciting new trailer have brought more information to light.

When is the release date for Tales of Arise?

After a couple of years of waiting, Bandai Namco's official YouTube account finally revealed when gamers can expect to take "Tales of Arise" home. According to the latest trailer for the game, "Tales of Arise" is scheduled for release on September 10, 2021.

The game will be available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. If you haven't snagged one of the next-gen consoles, but can't wait to play "Arise," you're in luck. According to PlayStation Blog Japan (via PushSquare), "anyone who buys the PS4 version will receive a free upgrade to the PS5 edition when they purchase the latest system." 

This is good news, particularly since the next-gen editions will have some significant improvements over other versions. For instance, the PS5 will shorten the amount of time it takes to enter a battle, support haptic feedback for the DualSense controller, and have two different game modes: one that prioritizes 60fps for speed and one that will emphasize 4k and image quality.

Is there a trailer for Tales of Arise?

There are a few trailers, actually. The first trailer that was revealed at E3 2019 showed the worlds in which "Arise" will take place. It shows off an opulent castle, plains with arching spires, forests, and frozen tundra. It also shows another planet taking a large portion of the sky. The narrator states that "on our mother planet Donna, it has been handed down that Rena, the planet in the sky, is where the dead and the divine reside." He goes on to explain that one day, Rena attacked Donna. This is also where you get your first look at the two protagonists, "two people born of different worlds."

IGN's hands-on preview video reveals that these characters are named Alphen and Shionne. IGN describes Alphen as a warrior who has lost all of his memories and Shionne as a "pink haired, rifle wielding healer who battles in metal heels." The story seems to center around these two gathering companions and fighting the oppressive government established after Rena invaded Donna.

Finally, the release date trailer from Bandai Namco depicts Alphen and his crew working as freedom fighters and showing off some of their flashy moves. Perhaps even more exciting, the trailer revealed some of the preorder incentives for the game, including a number of alternate costumes and other treasures.

What will the gameplay be like in Tales of Arise?

The gameplay which has been shown off so far reveals sharper and more detailed environments than those seen in the previous "Tales" games. However, the new installment retains just enough of the previous entries' unique anime-aesthetic that "Arise" feels like a natural continuation of the series.

According to IGN, the game will place a heavy emphasis on combo attacks, pitting Alphen and the gang against a series of monsters in arena-based battles. Despite the resemblance to previous games in the series, there are a few new tricks that veteran fans will have to learn.

As seen in a video from Arrekkz Gaming, players can bring three additional partners into battle, and there are new moves called "Boost Strikes." These allow you to team up with another character when the enemy gets into a particular weakened state and unleash massive super moves that deal colossal damage. You can also have extra support characters in a separate grid, each of whom can be called upon for a single attack. On top of all that, you can customize your party's AI so that they only use the spells and abilities you want them to, giving you a bit of control over every part of the field of play.