Jacob Willeford

Orlando, FL
University Of Central Florida
Movies, Comics, Television
  • Jacob's expertise in rhetoric helps him craft all of the articles he creates for Looper. He was taught how to understand the ways people make meaning from the written and spoken word, including how to best connect audiences with written material.
  • Working for multiple magazines and taking the Columbia Publishing Course helped Jacob gain a deep understanding of the editorial processes when it comes to digital publishing. Jacob knows how to fit Looper's voice while not muting his own.
  • Jacob really enjoyed his time studying cinema at the University of Central Florida. He's a massive film buff, and the courses the university provided helped him understand the process of filmmaking from cinematography to screenwriting.


Jacob Willeford departed the harsh winters of Wisconsin for endless summers at the University of Central Florida. Earning a bachelor's degree in writing and rhetoric, Jacob developed a respect and understanding of the written word as a student editor, lifestyle editor, staff writer and eventually writing director for multiple publications over the past three years. A comic enthusiast and cinema buff, Jacob is driven to use his writing expertise to share the latest in entertainment. He loves a good sci-fi film, cheeseburgers, and plain black baseball caps.


Jacob's formal education is in writing, rhetoric, cinema, and publishing. He received a bachelor of arts in Writing and Rhetoric from the University of Central Florida, with a minor in Cinema Studies. It has made him uniquely qualified because he knows what fosters quality writing, along with how to understand the way an audience reads to better suit the writing for them.
Stories By Jacob Willeford