Steven Thrash

United States
University Of Arkansas At Little Rock, Lindenwood University
Movies, TV, Streaming
  • Steven is a News Writer for Looper.
  • Screen Rant, Rue Morgue Magazine and Dread Central all feature his stories.
  • Mr. Thrash began his journalism career in 2007, and his love for storytelling can't be understated. In addition to his non-fiction, Steven published a play and a novella. His motto when it comes to life and work is simple: Do the Write Thing!


Steven graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications focusing on film studies, journalism, and theatre. He later received his MFA in writing. Dubbed a "prolific" writer by Hollywood icon Kenneth Johnson (The Incredible Hulk, V, The Bionic Woman, Alien Nation), Steven's work appears both online and in print.


When he wasn't studying, Mr. Thrash spent most of his time at UALR working on the school's newspaper, The Forum. Each week, he'd contribute a dozen stories that appeared in The Forum's print edition. Following graduation, Steven pursued graduate school, and he received his Master of Fine Arts in 2018.
Stories By Steven Thrash