Steven Bohner

Grand Rapids, Michigan
Michigan State University
Content Creation
  • Morning radio producer for highly rated show in the top 75 market.
  • Multimedia content producer for a local TV station in the top 50 market.
  • Digital producer for over a decade with expertise in news, entertainment, gaming, and lifestyle content.


Steven Bohner has been a digital content creator for over a decade, writing content for local radio station and TV stations. He has written content about pop culture, news, entertainment, gaming and much more. He produced a morning radio show for nearly a decade, keeping his finger on the pulse of pop culture and entertainment news, all while engaging with the audience on a real and personal level. Now, he writes for several outlets online and is a producer at a local TV station in Michigan. He loves learning about new topics and exploring different points of views.


Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications with a specialization in Digital Media Arts and Technology.
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