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Rick And Morty's The Ricks Must Be Crazy Episode Will Always Hold A Special Place In Spencer Grammer's Mind

Taking everything one step further is a common occurrence in the sci-fi comedy "Rick and Morty," and it often means that the show treads into territory that some may consider to cross way over the line. But those are the types of moments that make the show so special. It's hard to see these hilariously dark moments coming, but when they do the writers often do a fantastic job of having a unique payoff.

There have been plenty of these types of disturbingly funny scenes in the show, like when Rick and Morty had to bury their own corpses when they moved to a universe where they had just died or when Rick and his daughter Beth travel to the imaginary world Rick built her only to find her childhood friend had been stranded there for decades. These types of moments are some fan favorites, and it seems like even the cast likes when the show heads down the terrible, darker-than-usual paths.

One of these disturbing moments ended up being burned into voice actor Spencer Grammer's mind, and she thinks it might have even been a turning point for her character. During an interview with Animation for Adults, Grammer shares her favorite moment playing Rick's granddaughter, Summer — and it might be one of the more deranged scenes from the entire series.

Keeping Summer safe is harder than you think

The phrase "keep Summer safe" is repeated over and over by Rick's ship during the episode "The Ricks Must Be Crazy," but, as Spencer Grammer says, Summer felt anything but safe as the ship protected her from various threats. In this episode, Summer is left by herself in Rick's ship as Rick and Morty go off on their own adventure inside Rick's car battery. Rick leaves his ship with one simple instruction, "keep Summer safe" — instructions which his ship tries to follow by any means necessary.

After the ship dices up a would-be carjacker into little pieces and then paralyzes his friend, Summer orders the ship not to hurt any more people, which means it needs to get creative with its countermeasures. Grammer loved how the writers were able to keep this storyline going and how creative they got with the ways that the ship defends her against any threats.

"I realized how really truly wonderful animation was, because there were no limits to the amount of ways you could keep that story ... going," Grammer said in the interview with Animation for Adults. And the writers really do keep moving the story forward, with the ship conducting an extremely disturbing psychological attack that you really have to see to believe.

"The whole plot of that B storyline is [to] keep Summer safe, right? And it becomes the motto of her story, and nothing that happens to Summer with that ship feels safe at all," Grammer added. She even thinks that this may have been a pivotal moment in Summer's life where she realizes how messed up Rick is, but at the same time accepts this new dark side of her family life.