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Chicago Med's Brian Tee Says Playing A Lead In A Dick Wolf Production Is A Dream Come True

When "Chicago Med" first debuted in 2015, it was the third show in the "One Chicago" franchise — a series of TV shows that portray various public services in Chicago, Illinois. The "One Chicago" universe began with "Chicago Fire," which was the brainchild of a prolific TV producer, Dick Wolf, who earned his fame with the long-running franchise "Law & Order." Wolf would add to the franchise with "Chicago P.D." and "Chicago Med." 

Wolf, who won a Primetime Emmy for "Law & Order," is a rare breed in the television world, having had several very successful franchises throughout his career. Working on a Dick Wolf television drama is the pinnacle of some actors' careers, so landing a part on a show inside of the "One Chicago" universe is something that only a handful of people will ever boast of being able to do. And actor Brian Tee (Dr. Ethan Choi) has no reservations about being proud of his place in Wolf's universe.

Starring on a Dick Wolf production is something that not many people get to do

Brian Tee has been part of the "Chicago Med" cast since the pilot episode, and he has even had the chance to appear on other shows in the "One Chicago" universe as Dr. Choi. "To be a part of 'Chicago Med,' to work with these casts of incredibly talented actors, to be a part of Dick Wolf and his kind of universe, is kind of a dream come true," actor Brian Tee said in an interview with The Jam Show. His gratitude for the role of Dr. Choi isn't only because of the chance to work on a show produced by Wolf but also because he gets to play a unique character on television.

"Especially playing Ethan and what the writers are doing and especially our showrunners is really creating a strong character, a masculine character that you rarely see on television, as far as ethnicity is concerned. So, I'm extremely blessed and proud to be a part of it," Tee added in the interview with The Jam TV Show.

Tee loves his character, the show, and its creator, but it has been revealed that he will be leaving "Chicago Med" during Season 8. His final episode on the show will be Episode 9. Still, he will return to the set in a different capacity, making his directorial debut later in the season (per Entertainment Weekly).