Rajveer Dhanak

Mumbai, India
Whistling Woods International
Movies, TV, Video Games, Screenwriting
  • Rajveer is an award-winning filmmaker & screenwriter who is currently a features writer for Looper.
  • As a content writer, Rajveer has written film & book reviews for Urbain Magazine Dubai, as well as independent reviews of films, TV shows and video games on IMDb.
  • His passion for talking about content led him to also host a film review channel on YouTube titled Watch or Not Reviews.


Rajveer has always been fascinated with stories, choosing filmmaking as a medium to enhance his voice as a storyteller. His journey in discovering his voice enabled him to explore the various avenues of filmmaking – acting, directing and producing, film editing, and screenwriting. With his experience in the film industry, Rajveer's passion for stories has helped him develop an analytical eye for how well films and television use the craft of storytelling, empowering him to write reviews and articles on film.


With a Bachelor of Arts in Screenwriting from Whistling Woods International, Rajveer's storytelling knowledge and filmmaking experience qualifies him to write about what, why, and how some films and TV shows work — and why others don't.
Stories By Rajveer Dhanak