Rajveer Dhanak

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Mumbai, India
Whistling Woods International
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Friends, Celebs And Behind The Scenes
  • Through his experience in the film industry, Rajveer's familiarity with its behind-the-scenes goings-on makes him a perfect fit to write about the most amusing and bizarre facts you most likely didn't know about your favorite celebrities, movies and television shows.
  • He's enthusiastic about diving into all things MCU-related, including news, fandom wiki, comic-book origins, and making-of documentaries to keep his knowledge about the franchise up-to-date.
  • He has been obsessively rewatching "Friends" since 2015, which means you can count on him to ace any trivia game based on the show (much like the one the gang held in the second episode of season four).


With a lifelong fascination for stories, Rajveer Dhanak has been a voracious student of the craft of storytelling while also consuming content at a steady pace, whether it be in the form of movies, TV series, books, or video games. In addition to making his own films, Rajveer has been writing reviews and in-depth analyses of well-known movies and television shows.


Rajveer holds a Bachelor of Arts in screenwriting from Whistling Woods International.
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