Eammon Jacobs

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Southamton, UK
Southampton Solent University
Movies, Comics, TV, Games
  • Eammon is a freelance journalist with several years experience covering entertainment news.
  • He's previously written for the likes of GamesRadar, Fandom, Heroic Hollywood, Screen Rant, Comic Book Resources, and Radio Times.
  • He's currently writing his first comic book tale, "Cut to Credits."


Eammon has worked as a professional writer since 2015 in the middle of his degree, while also running the comics review site Heroes Direct in 2015. He was the lead news writer for The Geeky Monkey magazine in 2016 and 2017, before later becoming the editorial assistant on Southampton's film publication, Diegesis magazine. Eammon briefly wrote for MacWorld as a features writer before realizing his talents were better suited to the worlds of film, TV and comic. He worked on sponsored features and wrote scripts for Fandom starting in 2018. He later joined Heroic Hollywood in 2019 as a news writer (as well as writing scripts for the YouTube channel) before coming aboard the good ship Looper in 2021.


Eammon has a bachelor's degree in Magazine Journalism & Feature Writing from Southampton Solent University, where he was taught to play to his interests and write about what he knows best.
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