Conner Reilly

Chapman University
Film, Television, Horror, Tom Cruise
  • Conner has almost a decade of film and TV journalism experience under his belt.
  • Conner has spent his life as a rabid consumer of pop culture in all of its forms.
  • Jean-Claude Van Damme once wrapped his arm around Conner and called him a "breath of fresh air."


Conner Rielly is an entertainment journalist who has been writing about pop culture online since 2015. He has written thousands of articles about a wide range of film and TV topics, including horror, superhero movies, indie dramas, and network procedurals. Conner has also conducted countless interviews with Hollywood legends such as Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington, and Samuel L. Jackson. In addition to his work at Looper, his bylines include Screen Rant, CinemaBlend, Ranker, and more.


Conner is a graduate of Chapman University's prestigious film program.
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