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Orphan: First Kill Star Isabelle Fuhrman Would Prefer A Third Movie Happen Sooner Rather Than Later

Directed by Jaume Collett-Serra, 2009's "Orphan" has arguably become one of the most infamous cult horror hits of the last two decades. This is largely in part due to a fantastic lead performance by then-child actress Isabelle Furman, as well as an iconic twist: the titular "orphan" named Esther is, in fact, a murderous adult with a unique form of dwarfism that allows her to pass as a child. The first film remained a standalone story for 13 years until Furman returned to the role of Esther as an adult for the prequel film, "Orphan: First Kill."

In the months since its debut, "First Kill" has earned a reputation for being almost as gonzo as its predecessor. Full of brutal kills and scary sequences, the film explores Esther's first grift on an American family, and she enacts fascinating twists and turns as she attempts to cover her tracks and convince her "parents" that she is actually their long-lost daughter. The buzz surrounding the film has left some wondering if Furman would ever come back for a third go-around as Esther, with Furman even recently admitting that she would prefer to do a third film sooner rather than later.

Isabelle Furman thinks she can still play Esther while she is relatively young

In a recent interview with Variety about "Orphan: First Kill," Isabelle Furman addressed the possibility of a third entry in the "Orphan" franchise and noted that a new installment is possible, albeit unconfirmed. In her remarks about possibly reprising the role of Esther, she said, "I don't know. I do know that [producer Alex Mace] has already talked to me about doing a third one. And if the script is good, and people love this one, why not? I would love to do that." With Alex Mace working on a third film, Furman would definitely want to return to the series.

Regardless of whether or not a third "Orphan" film gets made, Furman does not think fans would have to wait quite as long to see it hit theaters. This is because, in another 13 years, it may no longer be possible for Furman to portray Esther as she will be beyond her 20s and would have trouble passing as a child. Continuing in her remarks, Furman explained, "I don't think we're gonna have to wait 13 years because I don't think it's gonna be possible in 13 years. When you're in your 20s you can still look like younger if you get on a little stool chair, or have children play you from multiple angles. But I would love the opportunity if it came up. I wouldn't say no."

Isabelle Furman is still younger than Esther at the time of the character's canonical death

With all of that in mind, many fans would likely be interested to see how the creative forces behind the "Orphan" franchise could pull together a third film and bring back Isabelle Furman. As Esther is canonically in her 30s at the time of the original film's story (and she is shown to have natural signs of aging when not in disguise), Furman could potentially continue to portray the character for a few more years. However, the ending of "Orphan" sees Esther die a fairly violent death, so a major creative decision would have to be made concerning how to approach her death in that film.

It remains to be seen if a third film in the "Orphan" franchise is even possible at this point. That said, given the fact that "Orphan: First Kill" was able to deliver a twist that is arguably on par with that of the original, many fans would likely want to see the creatives behind the series take a shot at continuing Esther's story.