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Kel Mitchell's Viral Emmy's Moment Wasn't As Glamorous As You May Think

Few names epitomized children's entertainment in the 1990s quite like Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson. Appearing on beloved series including "All That" and "Kenan & Kel," the duo eventually went on to become film icons as well by taking their "All That" sketch "Good Burger" and adapting it to the big screen. In the years since their big breaks on Nickelodeon, Thompson has gone on to become the longest-serving cast member on "Saturday Night Live," while Mitchell has continued to act on the small and silver screens while also maintaining a music career.

Kenan and Kel have reunited throughout the years to bring their nostalgia-fueled comedy stylings back to viewers, but one of their most audacious reunions came on September 12, 2022, when Mitchell seemingly crashed the Emmys. Appearing as Thompson hosted one of several comedic segments throughout the night, Mitchell showed up as an unassuming guest sitting at a bar tended by none other than Kumail Nanjiani. Upon revealing himself, Mitchell cheekily ordered a "good burger" and the duo shared a rowdy hug to the applause of the audience, most of whom had no idea such a reveal was coming. With all of that said, despite the glitz of the occasion, it turns out that Mitchell's appearance on television's biggest night was not quite as glamorous as one may have initially thought.

Kel had to stay hidden for much of the show in order to maintain the secret

While Kel Mitchell got to don a tuxedo and attend the Emmys to reunite on-screen with Kenan Thompson, he did not get to experience the full fanfare that the other celebrities experienced. In fact, the "Mystery Men" actor opened up about the stunt during the festivities after the show and admitted that he was kept hidden from the crowds during the lead-up to the ceremony and didn't get to watch the red carpet. Reflecting on the night, Mitchell told The Hollywood Reporter, "They had to hide me the whole time while I was here. I was ready to walk the carpet and everything but they were like, 'No, let's hide you.' That way it could be a big moment."

Despite not getting to walk the red carpet of the Emmys, Mitchell still enjoyed himself and was glad to see that the audience enjoyed his cameo at the ceremony as well. "But, yeah, man, it was really fun," the actor continued. "We knew the audience would like that." Plus, once the big moment paid off, Mitchell still got to stick around and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Kenan and Kel are working on reuniting for a sequel to Good Burger

While Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reuniting at The Emmys proved exciting for many of their fans, it's not the only exciting thing potentially on the horizon. In fact, there is still a possibility of the two reuniting for a sequel to "Good Burger" at some point. Speaking out about the possibility of whether or not "Good Burger 2" is going to happen, Thompson recently told Jimmy Fallon, "I would like it to ... We are working harder on it than ever, so it's about meeting the numbers, letting them numbers match up. 'Cause I need them numbers."

Thompson also has some ideas for where the story could go as well. Picking up 25 years after the events of the original, Thompson would like to see his character Dexter get out of jail for something caused by Ed (Mitchell), who has lived a happy life with a massive family. "I feel like Kel should have, like, a million kids," Thompson continued. "Ed's character should have like, a million kids. And then I'm coming out of jail for something that he put me in jail for."

So, at this point nothing has been confirmed, and "Good Burger 2" is not in active development, but it's clear that there is a desire to get the project off the ground. Perhaps the buzz from this viral Emmys moment will be enough to make it come to fruition.