Stacy Dooks

Alberta, Canada
Dalhousie University, Devry University
Pop Culture, Comic Books, Movies
  • Stacy Dooks is a lifelong fan of fantasy, science fiction, and horror in film, television, and prose.
  • Stacy is a published author, having appeared in several genre fiction anthologies.
  • Stacy is a seasoned pop culture writer, having previously written for sites like CBR.


Stacy Dooks was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has honed his writing skill over the years. With a punchy prose style and an encyclopedic knowledge of movies, television, comics, and books he brings a unique and knowledgeable perspective to his articles.


With Bachelor's degree in English, Stacy honed his passion for story into an analytical prose style that allows him to cut to the core of what a given piece of media really means and help explain it to the reader in a friendly and engaging style.
Stories By Stacy Dooks