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The Best Time Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Ever Broke Character In Passengers

Director Morten Tyldum's 2016 sci-fi romance "Passengers" is a story about loneliness, betrayal, and redemption set on the "Avalon," a colony ship on a 120-year journey traveling across the stars to a planet called Homestead II. Three decades into the voyage, a technical malfunction awakens an engineer named Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), leaving him with no way to return to hibernation. Alone on the "Avalon" and facing the prospect of living in complete isolation for the rest of his life (which will end before he gets to see Homestead II), Jim nearly goes mad as he tries to make the most of his situation. After some time, he discovers the pod of another passenger, Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence). Jim begins to fall for Aurora, which leads him to make an unforgivable decision: He pulls her out of hibernation so that he can woo her but, in doing so, condemns her to the same fate as him.

"Passengers" chronicles the pair's growing love for one another. As the two grow closer, Jim becomes increasingly self-loathing as he realizes the true implications of waking Aurora without her consent. She is furious when she discovers the circumstances around her awakening more than 80 years before the ship's arrival on Homestead II.

The 2016 movie has several scenes which show Jim and Aurora in the early days of their relationship. These scenes illustrate their romantic connection and help audiences understand how strong their bond is before it is broken later in the movie. There is one notable scene that is intended to be romantic but instead reveals Pratt and Lawrence breaking character in real life.

The protagonists of Passengers faced an unexpected obstacle

Early in "Passengers," there is one scene that shows Jim (Chris Pratt) and Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) taking a spacewalk outside the "Avalon" spaceship. The couple admires the beauty of the cosmos as they travel through deep space. Once they're back inside the ship, Jim and Aurora take off their helmets and lean in to kiss, only to find that their spacesuits aren't really compatible for that sort of maneuver. So, instead, they end up repeatedly bumping into each other as they try to get their heads close together. It takes some effort, but eventually, they share a tender kiss and laugh at their awkward situation.

It turns out that the spacesuits actually did keep Lawrence and Pratt from leaning in for that kiss, and their reaction upon the initial bump is a genuine mixture of surprise and amusement. In a December 2016 interview with USA Today, Lawrence revealed how the character break happened: "We didn't know that was going to happen. So they called, 'Action,' and we went to kiss, and it was like, 'Donk! Donk!' Our heads couldn't reach each other. We had a good laugh about it, and we incorporated it into the movie."

Ever the professionals, the "Passengers" stars were able to keep it together long enough to film the scene. Although the awkward spacesuits led to Lawrence and Pratt accidentally breaking, it turned out to ultimately served the story.