Alexander Elmore

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Los Angeles, California
University Of Colorado Denver
Movies, Tv, Literature
  • Alexander has been involved in film and episodic web content production for over four years, during which he has written and directed the short film "Grocery Store Flowers" and the webseries episode "Tipsy Talk: Thirty-Something," among over half a dozen other titles where he served in various roles such as producer and director of photography.
  • In Denver, Alexander contributes to the alternative weekly magazine Westword, covering an array of topics related to the vibrant arts scene of the historic city and helping promote the work of many independent filmmakers from the diverse, thriving region.
  • During his academic career at the University of Colorado Denver, Alexander worked at the weekly student newspaper, The Sentry, for four years, working his way up to editor-in-chief and creating, producing, and hosting the first season of The Sentry Podcast, available on Spotify.


Alexander is a writer and filmmaker born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. While studying film and television at the University of Colorado Denver, he wrote and directed a short film and webseries episode, as well as held various roles on over half a dozen other independent productions. At his school's student newspaper, The Sentry, he served as editor-in-chief in 2020 and 2021, acting as a major creative force behind The Sentry Podcast. He also contributes to the alternative weekly magazine Westword, where he covers the diverse arts and culture scene of Denver. He currently lives in Los Angeles.


Alexander holds a B.F.A. in film and television, with a minor in interdisciplinary research methods from the University of Colorado Denver. He was also a graduate of the University Honors and Leadership Program.
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