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47% Of Fans Agree This Was The Best Crossover In The Arrowverse

Since 2014, The CW's DC superhero shows have annually had a crossover event (via IMDb) — whatever shows are currently on the air will combine characters and share episodes to tell a story that brings these diverse heroes together. As the slate of shows run by executive producer Greg Berlanti began with "Arrow" in 2012 (via IMDb), the official name since the universe of shows expanded has been the "Arrowverse." The first event was simply a crossover between "Arrow" and "The Flash" in "Flash vs. Arrow," but crossovers have since sprawled into multi-episode events featuring upwards of six shows with dozens of characters colliding each year.

While the recent cancellations of "Batwoman" and "DC's Legends of Tomorrow" have rocked the "Arrowverse" fandom and signal a worrying next few years for the connected universe, fans have had some excellent crossover events given to them over the first decade of the "Arrowverse." But which one is the best? It's admittedly a hard question to answer because of the sheer volume of crossovers that have taken place, but fans on Reddit gave a pretty decisive answer. 

Crisis on Earth-X takes the cake for fans

On the "Arrowverse" subreddit, u/BoiledSwift polled fans about their favorite crossover in the history of the shows' shared universe. Out of the six options given, "Crisis on Earth-X" received the most support by far with 47% of the total votes — nearly double the second-place option, "Crisis on Infinite Earths" — and the reasons why make sense.

"Crisis on Earth-X" threaded together narratives from the four "Arrowverse" shows in 2017: "Arrow," "The Flash," "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," and "Supergirl." Its story constituted four episodes starting with Barry Allen and Iris West's wedding, which is abruptly ended with the arrival of denizens of Earth-X. Earth-X is a parallel world where the Third Reich won World War II and in the years since has ruled the planet with an iron fist. Unfortunately, they have also recruited their Earth's version of superheroes to fight for them, which they bring along to our Earth.

The crossover allowed for some epic fights between the central heroes and their alternate-universe selves. Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) battles Overgirl and Arrow (Stephen Amell) jousts with Dark Arrow, and several other non-superhero characters have run-ins with their Earth-X doppelgangers. Plus, the episode paved the way for the introduction of lesser-known heroes The Ray (Russell Tovey) and Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) into the "Arrowverse."

On the Reddit thread, u/XaveirRDE elaborated on their vote and summed up the crossover, saying, "It told the most complete and satisfying story ... it had great fights and great guests ... and it started with Melissa Benoist singing Running Home To You ... It's just amazing." Given the landslide win for "Crisis on Earth-X" in the poll, other "Arrowverse" fans clearly agreed.