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SNL's Elizabeth Olsen Impression Has Marvel Fans Talking

The weekend that Marvel's "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" opened in theaters, actor Benedict Cumberbatch hosted "Saturday Night Live" to promote the release, alongside musical guest Arcade Fire. The episode was Cumberbatch's second time hosting the sketch comedy show (via Deadline).

He naturally mentioned "Doctor Strange" in his opening monologue, stating how proud of it he was. "[The sketch writers] pitched me sketches every day and most were about 'Doctor Strange,'" said Cumberbatch. "It's great. I love the guy, I love playing the character, and the film's doing really well, but I have been in other stuff."

The night featured plenty of great non-"Doctor Strange" skits including him portraying a member of the '80s new wave band Reflection Denied with "Saturday Night Live" favorite Bowen Yang. However, it wouldn't have made sense for the entire episode to exclude any skits with the popular Marvel character, yet the reference to the film that fans of both the franchise and "Saturday Night Live" have fallen in love with surprisingly focuses on Cumberbatch very little.

Chloe Fineman plays Scarlet Witch to perfection

In the digital short "The Understudy," the "Saturday Night Live" cast member Chole Fineman takes fans through a parody of her job as an understudy on the show. She parodies most of the other female cast members including Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and Cecily Strong, each time taking her stellar impressions to the limit by donning the same outfits as her co-stars. However, things take a turn for the strange, as Fineman approaches host Benedict Cumberbatch dressed as his "Doctor Strange" co-star Elizabeth Olsen. 

Cumberbatch buys into the impression and Fineman mentions how great she would be in a future Marvel project, but things get trippy when the real Olsen makes an appearance moments later. Fineman and Olsen share a cute back and forth trying to convince Cumberbatch which one is the real Scarlet Witch

Fans took to the comments of the sketch on YouTube to gush about Fineman's spot-on Olsen impersonation. "How does she do that... She nailed Elizabeth Olsen. It's almost scary," wrote user Jared Vlogs. Their comment has since garnered more than 2,000 likes and dozens of replies echoing the sentiment. 

User Lulu Harshie wrote "Chloe is like a chameleon. She can transform into any role!" also receiving more than 2,500 likes on the comment. The video itself received over 1 million views in just two days since its upload, as both "Saturday Night Live" and Marvel fans are loving Fineman's performance.