Evan E. Lambert

Lima, Peru
Dartmouth College, Columbia University Graduate School Of Journalism
Moves, TV, Travel
  • Evan has written for People Magazine, Out Magazine, Mic, Ranker, Queerty, INTO, Paste, and The Culture-ist.
  • Evan's short fiction stories and essays have been published by several notable literary magazines, including the Santa Fe Writers Project.
  • He has interviewed Joan Rivers, Eva Longoria, Gus Van Sant, Fiona Shaw, Kumail Nanjiani, Latrice Royale, and JWoww.


Evan has been writing professionally ever since graduating from Columbia University School of Journalism in 2012. In the following years, his creative nonfiction and short fiction stories have been published by several acclaimed sites and magazines. Now, in addition to writing about his first love, pop culture, for Looper, he roams about Central and South America creating city guides for travel websites. Outside of that, he has written and directed plays and short films in New York, NY as well as in his native Virginia. His first novel is forthcoming.


Evan has a Bachelor's in English and Anthropology from Dartmouth College, the very same place Evan from 'Superbad' went. He also has a Master's in Journalism from Columbia University.
Stories By Evan E. Lambert